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Healthy Pets, Healthy Gut

Healthy Pets, Healthy Gut

Pet health has never been more important than right now. With so many pet food options on the market, deciding the appropriate food for your dog and cat can be challenging. One crucial component of pet health is the immune system. Here’s how you can support your pet’s health today.

The pet immune system

Just like in humans, a healthy immune system in pets acts to protect the body from bacteria, fungi and parasites. When immunity is compromised, pets become more vulnerable to illness. If this state is maintained, long-term effects can include health issues like cancer, heart problems and diabetes.

Immunity relates directly to gut health

The microbiome is the interplay between the abundant immune cells interacting with microorganisms of the gut. Therefore, these microorganisms and bacteria impact pet immunity quite dramatically.

What to feed pets to boost immunity?

For overall health and wellbeing, a variety of essential nutrients are needed in appropriate proportions. Diets which are highly digestible help the body to absorb amino acids, fats and other nutrients. Locally sourced ingredients from trusted farmers often result in the best health outcomes. Such ingredients include:

  • Meat and Eggs - Essential amino acids and selenium
  • Fish and Animal Oils - Omega Fatty Acids and
  • Leafy Greens - Vitamin E
  • Vegetables (such as Sweet Potato) - Vitamin A

P.S. Complimenting a quality, complete and balanced pet food with daily exercise and play can help boost immunity in your pet. Supplements and prebiotics can also play a crucial role in their health as well.

If you need help with your pet’s health needs, contact us to speak with a health professional about the right food for your dog or cat's health needs.
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